Windows Remote Desktop Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Windows Remote Desktop Shortcut Keys

Windows Remote Desktop Shortcut Keys

faraway laptop services (RDS), called Terminal services in windows Server 2008 and in advance, is one of the components of Microsoft windows that permits a user to take manage of a remote pc or virtual system over a network connection.

Win+r, then type ‘mstsc’ – Microsoft Terminal Services Client.
mstsc /v: – Start Remote Desktop and connect to Server, port is optional
mstsc /f – Start Remote Desktop in Full Screen Mode
mstsc /admin – Runs Remote Desktop in Admin Mode
mstsc /w: /h: – Specify either width or height of Window
mstsc /public – Run Remote Desktop in Public Mode
mstsc /span – Matches Remote Destkop with local virtual desktop
mstsc /multimon – Matches Session Layout to Client Layout
mstsc “connection file” – Opens Connection Settings of the .rdp file
mstsc /edit “connection file” – Opens the .rdp file for editing
mstsc /migrate – Migrates older rdp file to new rdp files
mstsc /? – List all parameters

Alt+Page Up – Switches between programs from left to right (equals standard desktop Alt+Tab)
Alt+Page Down – Switches between programs for right to left (equals standard desktop Alt+Shift+Tab)
Alt+Insert – Cycles through the programs in the order they were started (equals standard desktop Alt+Insert)
Alt+Home – Displays the Start menu (equals standard desktopCtrl+Escape)
Ctrl+Alt+Pause – Switches the client between full-screen mode and window mode
Ctrl+Alt+Home – Show (or focus) on Connection Bar (when in full-screen mode)
Ctrl+Alt+End – Brings up the Windows Security dialog box.

Alt+Delete – Displays the Windows menu.
Ctrl+Alt+- – Screenshot of active Window into Clipboard (equals standard desktop PrtScr)
Ctrl+Alt++ – Screenshot of Entire Remote Desktop into Clipboard (equals standard desktop Alt+PrtScr)

Windows Remote Desktop Shortcut Keys PDF

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