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WinZip is a shareware record archiver and compressor for windows, macOS, iOS and Android advanced by WinZip Computing (previously Nico Mak Computing). it could create archives in Zip record layout, and unpack some different archive report codecs. WinZip 1.0 changed into released in April 1991 as a graphical consumer interface (GUI) front-stop for PKZIP. earlier in January 1991 Nico Mak Computing launched a GUI front-stop for OS/2 Presentation manager known as PMZIP. It used the OS/2 variations of the PKWARE, Inc. PKZIP and PKUNZIP programs. at the start launched on CompuServe, availability of WinZip multiplied across main online offerings, which includes GEnie, Prodigy and other on line services. In 1993, WinZip announced the launch of its legitimate help for customers on the windows software forum, serving over a hundred,000 individuals, offering updates and related facts. The freely downloadable WinZip quickly observed itself included in satisfactory-selling windows computing titles as a part of accomplice disks, such as ef1aee9f78e1bf30c4bb09cba885feac first-class-selling home windows three.0 e-book, home windows secrets and techniques, with the aid of Brian Livingston. by means of 1994, WinZip had grow to be the legit and required compression device used by gadget operators on CompuServe for discussion board report libraries.

Winzip Shortcut Keys


Shortcut Key Information
F1 Activate help system
F7 Move an archive.
F8 Copy an archive
Alt + F4 Exit (terminate) WinZip
Ctrl + A Select all items in the list box.
Ctrl + N Create a new archive.
Ctrl + O Open an existing archive.
Ctrl + P Print a listing of files in an archive.
Shift + A Add files to an archive.
Shift + C Activate the CheckOut feature.
Shift + D Delete files from an archive.
Shift + E Extract files from an archive.
Shift + F Favorite Folders.
Shift + G View, add, or edit a comment.
Shift + H Split a Zip file.
Shift + I Install files in an archive.
Shift + K Create a self-extracting archive.
Shift + L Close an archive.
Shift + M Mail an archive.
Shift + R Rename an archive.
Shift + T Test an archive.
Shift + U UUencode an archive.
Shift + V View files in an archive
Shift + W Switch to the Wizard interface.
Shift + Y Encrypt all files in a Zip file.
Shift + Z Create a New Zip File on CD or DVD.
Direction key(s) Move the cursor and/or scroll a list.
Shift + direction keys Select multiple items in a list box.
Enter Same as double clicking in the main window.
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