Wondershare Shortcut Keys – Download PDF

wondershare shortcut keys

Wondershare Shortcut Keys

Wondershare is best photo editing and video editing software to make ultimate videos and photos. This is used for multimedia, graphics and more

Ctrl+Y – Redo
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+C – Copy
Ctrl+X – Cut
Ctrl+V – Paste
Delete – Delete
Ctrl+A – Select all
Alt+F4 – Quit
Ctrl+E – Export
Ctrl+N – New project
Ctrl+0 – Open existing project
Ctrl+1 – Import media files
Ctrl+S – Save project file
Ctrl+Shift+S – Save as
Ctrl+Shift+A – Archive project
Ctrl+B – Split (Blade)
Alt+C – Crop
Ctrl+P – Powertool
Ctrl+Alt+D – Detach audio
Ctrl+Shift+M – Mute
Alt+R – Record voice over
Alt+Shift+R – Start/Stop voiceover recording
Alt+E – Show edit window
Ctrl+= – Zoom in timeline
Shift+Z – Fit in timeline
Alt+S – Storyboard view
Alt+T – Timeline view
Space – Play/Pause
Ctrl+/ – Stop
Left arrow – Go to next frame
Right arrow – Go to previous frame
Alt+Enter – Full screen
Ctrl+Alt+S – Snapshot
Alt+A – Add to Timelime/Apply
Ctrl+Shift+R – Find target
Alt+P – Show Property
Alt+D – Scene Detection
Ctrl+Alt+N – Add a new folder(Album)
Delete – Delete folder(Album)
Up arrow – Upper one
Down arrow – Under one
Ctrl+1 – Switch to Media Library
Ctrl+2 – Switch to Music Library
Ctrl+3 – Switch to Text/Credit Library
Ctrl+4 – Switch to Filters Library
Ctrl+5 – Switch to Overlays Library
Ctrl+6 – Switch to Elements Library
Ctrl+7 – Switch to TRANSITIONS Library
Ctrl+8 – Switch to SPLIT SCREEN Library

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