Xamarin Studio (MonoDevelop) Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Xamarin Studio shortcut keysa

Xamarin Studio (MonoDevelop) Shortcut Keys

Xamarin Studio is a modern, sophisticated IDE with many features for creating Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Mac, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.paperwork programs. It consists of a rich editor, debugging, local platform integration with iOS, Mac and Android, and integrated source manage to call just of few of its many functions.

Command+D – Go to Declaration
Command+Shift+R – Find References
Option+Shift+PgDn – Next Error
Option+PgDn – Next Issue in File
Option+Shift+PgUp – Previous Error
Option+PgUp – Previous Issue in File

Command+N – New File
Command+W – Close File
Command+Shift+W – Close All
Command+P – Print
Command+Shift+P – Print Preview
Command+O – Open File or Solution
Command+Q – Quit
Command+S – Save
Command+Shift+S – Save All
Command+Shift+N – New Solution
Command+U – Revert

Command+Z – Undo
Command+/ – Toggle Line Comments
Command+[ – Unindent Selection
Command+C – Copy
Command+X – Cut
Command+] – Indent Selection
Ctrl+I – Format Document
Command+V – Paste
Command+Shift+Z – Redo
Command+R – Rename
Command+, – Preferences
Command+A – Select All
Command+Shift+Option – Toggle All Folds
Command+Option+Left Arrow – Toggle Fold
Command+Option+/ – Enable/Disable Breakpoint
Command+Option+P – Pause Execution
Command+Shift+I – Step Into
Command+Shift+U – Step Out
Command+Shift+O – Step Over
Command+\ – Toggle Breakpoint

Command+K – Build
Command+B – Build All
Command+Ctrl+K – Rebuild
Command+Ctrl+B – Rebuild All
Command+Return – Start Debugging
Command+Shift+A – Add Files
Command+Option – Start without Debugging
Command+Shift – Stop Build Execution
Option+Return – Quick Fix
Ctrl+. – Show Fixes

Command+Shift+F – Find in Files
Command+G – Find Next
Command+E – Find Next Selection
Command+Shift+G – Find Previous
Command+F – Find
Command+Shift+F – Go to File
Command+I – Go to Line
Command+Shift+T – Go to Type
Command+, – Navigate to
Command+Shift+H – Replace in Files
Command+H – Replace

Ctrl+K – Delete to End of Line
Ctrl+/ – Dynamic Abbreviation
Option+Shift+Up Arrow – Expand Selection
Command+I – Find Caret
Ctrl+O – Insert Line Break After
Option+Down Arrow – Move Line or Selection Down
Option+Up Arrow – Move Line or Selection Up
Command+Shift+Down Arrow – Move to Next Usage
Command+Shift+Up Arrow – Move to Previous Usage
Ctrl+Spacebar – Show Completion Window
Option+Shift+Down Arrow – Shrink Selection
Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar – Show Parameter List
Ctrl+T – Transpose Character
Command+L – Recent Editor

Command+Option+1..2 – 1..2 columns
Command++/Command+- – Zoom in/Zoom out
Command+Option+Up Arrow – Show Next
Command+Option+Down Arrow – Show Previous

Command+H – Hide Xamarin Studio
Command+Shift+H – Hide Others
Command+M – Minimize
Command+} – Next Window
Command+{ – Previous Window
Ctrl+Tab – Next Document
Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Previous Document

Xamarin Studio (MonoDevelop) Shortcut Keys PDF

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