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Xcode shortcut keys

Xcode is an included improvement environment for macOS containing a set of software improvement equipment evolved by way of Apple for developing software for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS. First released in 2003, the today’s solid launch is model eight.3.3 and is available via the Mac App keep free of rate for macOS Sierra users.

Xcode Shortcut Keys

File menu command shortcuts
New Tab – Command-T
New Window – Shift-Command-T
New File – Command-N
New Project – Shift-Command-N
New Workspace – Control-Command-N
New Group – Option-Command-N
Add Files – Option-Command-A
Open – Command-O
Open Quickly – Shift-Command-O
Close Window – Command-W
Close All Windows – Option-Command-W
Close Tab – Shift-Command-W
Close Other Tabs – Option-Shift-Command-W
Close Document – Control-Command-W
Save – Command-S
Save All – Option-Command-S
Save Multiple – Option-Shift-Command-S
Save As – Shift-Command-S
Commit – Option-Command-C
Update – Option-Command-X
Update All – Control-Option-Command-X
Create Snapshot – Control-Command-S
Page Setup – Shift-Command-P
Print – Command-P
Edit menu command shortcuts
Undo – Command-Z
Redo – Shift-Command-Z
Cut – Command-X
Copy – Command-C
Paste – Command-V
Paste Special – Option-Command-V
Paste and Match Style – Option-Shift-Command-V
Duplicate – Command-D
Select All – Command-A
Find in Workspace – Shift-Command-F
Find and Replace in Workspace – Option-Shift-Command-F
Find – Command-F
Find and Replace – Option-Command-F
Find Next – Command-G
Find Previous – Shift-Command-G
Use Selection for Find – Command-E
Use Selection for Replace – Shift-Command-E
Filter in Navigator – Option-Command-J
Filter in Library – Option-Command-L
Show Fonts – Control-Shift-Command-T
Show Spelling and Grammar – Command-:
View menu command shortcuts
Project – Command-1
Symbol – Command-2
Search – Command-3
Issue – Command-4
Debug – Command-5
Breakpoint – Command-6
Log – Command-7
Show Navigator – Command-0
Standard – Command-↩
Assistant – Option-Command-↩
Version – Option-Shift-Command-↩
Show Related Items – Control-1
Show Previous History – Control-2
Show Previous Files History – Control-Command-2
Show Next History – Control-3
Show Next Files History – Control-Command-3
Show Top Level Items – Control-4
Show Group Files – Control-5
Show Document Items – Control-6
Show Issues – Control-7
Remove Assistant Editor – Control-Shift-Command-W
Reset Editor – Option-Shift-Command-Z
Show Debug area – Shift-Command-Y
Navigate menu command shortcuts
Reveal in Project Navigator – Command-L
Open in Adjacent Editor – Command-<
Go Forward – Control-Command-Right Arrow
Go Forward in Alternate Editor – Control-Option-Command-Right Arrow
Go Back – Control-Command-Left Arrow
Go Back in Alternate Editor – Control-Option-Command-Left Arrow
Jump to Selection – Command-J
Jump to Definition – Shift-Command-D
Move Focus To Next Area – Option-Command-K
Move Focus To Previous Area – Option-Shift-Command-K
Jump to Counterpart – Control-Command-Up Arrow
Jump To – Shift-Command-J
Jump to Next Placeholder – Control-/
Jump to Previous Placeholder – Control-?
Jump to Next Issue – Command-‘
Jump and Fix Next Issue – Control-Command-‘
Jump to Previous Issue – Command-”
Jump and Fix Previous Issue – Control-Command-”
Add Attribute – Control-Command-A
Add Relationship – Control-Command-R
Align Left Edges – Command-[
Align Right Edges – Command-]
Size to Fit – Command-=
Add Horizontal Guide – Command-_
Add Vertical Guide – Command-|
Next Page – Option-Command-Down Arrow
Previous Page – Option-Command-Up Arrow
Scripting definition Make Text Bigger – Command-+
Make Text Smaller – Command–
Show Completions – Control-\
Edit All in Scope – Control-Command-E
Fix All in Scope – Control-Command-F
Show All Issues – Control-Command-M
Shift Right – Command-]
Shift Left – Command-[
Move Line Up – Option-Command-[
Move Line Down – Option-Command-]
Comment Selection – Command-/
Fold – Option-Command-Left Arrow
Unfold – Option-Command-Right Arrow
Fold Methods & Functions – Option-Shift-Command-Left Arrow
Unfold Methods & Functions – Option-Shift-Command-Right Arrow
Fold Comment Blocks – Control-Shift-Command-Left Arrow
Unfold Comment Blocks – Control-Shift-Command-Right Arrow
Hex editor Overwrite Mode – Option-Shift-Command-O
Product menu command shortcuts
Run – Command-R
Run – Option-Command-R
Test – Command-T
Analyze – Control-Option-Command-B
Build For Running – Shift-Command-R
Build For Testing – Shift-Command-U
Build for Profiling – Shift-Command-I
Perform Action Run Without Building – Control-Command-R
Test Without Building – Control-Command-U
Profile Without Building – Control-Command-I
Build – Command-B
Clean – Shift-Command-K
Clean Build Folder – Option-Shift-Command-K
Stop – Command-.
Debug Pause – Control-Command-Y
Step Into – Function 7
Step Over – Function 6
Step Out – Function 8
Step Into Thread – Control-Shift-Function 7
Step Into Instruction – Control-Command-Function 7
Step Over Thread – Control-Shift-Function 6
Step Over Instruction – Control-Function 6
Add Breakpoint at Current Line – Command-\
Activate Breakpoints/Deactivate Breakpoints – Command-Y
Clear Console – Command-K
Edit Scheme – Command-Less Than
Window menu command shortcuts
Minimize – Command-M
Select Next Tab – Command-}
Select Previous Tab -Command-{
Welcome to Xcode – Shift-Command-1
Organizer – Shift-Command-2
Help menu command shortcuts
Xcode Help – Xcode 4 Transition Guide
Quick Help – Control-Command-?
Search Documentation for Selected Text – Control-Option-Command-/
Developer Documentation – Option-Command-?

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