XMetal Author Shortcut Keys Download PDF

XMetal author shortcut keys

XMetal Author Shortcut Keys

XMetaL, or XMetaL writer, is a software program utility used for growing and enhancing documents in XML and SGML. It has a few features common to word processors, but is a local XML editor that may be configured to work with numerous preferred and custom DTDs and XML Schemas. XMetaL became first launched by means of SoftQuad software in 1999 and is presently advanced with the aid of JustSystems.

Ctrl+Alt+A – Accept Changes
Alt+I – Attribute Inspector
Ctrl+Alt+E – Change Element
Ctrl+Alt+C – Copy as Reference
Ctrl+F – Find
Alt+F3 – Find Next
Ctrl+D – Insert CDATA
Ctrl+Alt+1 – Insert Comment
Ctrl+I – Insert Element
Ctrl+Alt+Y – Insert Entity
Ctrl+/ – Insert Processing Instruction
Ctrl+4 – Insert Symbol
Alt+T – Insert Table
Alt+L – Lock
Ctrl+Alt+J – Join Element
Ctrl+Alt+N – Next Change
Ctrl+Alt+P – Previous Change
Ctrl+R – Reject Change
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R – Release
Alt+Shift+F5 – Reload
Ctrl+Alt+R – Remove Tag
Ctrl+Alt+L – Select Element
Alt+C – Set Conditions
Alt+F7 – Spell Check
F9 – Validate Document
Alt+S – Split Element

XMetal Author Shortcut Keys PDF

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