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yahoo mail shortcut keys

Yahoo Mail Shortcut Keys

M – Check Mail
Shift+M – Check All Mail (includes all POP accounts)
Ctrl+\ – Close Current Tab
N – New Message
Shift+N – New Message in its own window
R – Reply
Shift+R – Reply in a new window
A – Reply All
Shift+A – Reply All in a new window
F – Forward message
Shift+F – Forward in a new window
K – Mark As Read
Shift+K – Mark As Unread
L – Flag
Shift+L – Clear Flag
delete – Delete Item
Ctrl+P – Print
Ctrl+S – Save Draft
Ctrl+Enter – Send Message
V – Turn Reading Pane on and off
Ctrl+[ – Navigate through tabs-right to left motion
Ctrl+] – Navigate through tabs-left to right motion
Enter (select a message first, or more than one) – Open message in its own tab
Enter (select a contact first, in Contacts) – Edit contact info
Ctrl+F – Find a word or phrase in a message
F11 – Expand window to maximum height
Ctrl+. – Next message (in message tab)
Ctrl+, – Previous message (in message tab)
Ctrl+Shift+End – Skip to oldest unread message
D – Move message to a folder
Esc – Close read-message tab
Ctrl+Shift+C – Start a new chat

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