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YouTube Shortcut Keys Download PDF

A entire list of the keyboard shortcuts that paintings with the YouTube video participant. The player has to have cognizance (to be the closing aspect you clicked at the web page) so as for the shortcuts to paintings. Numbers at the numeric pad do no longer paintings for jumping thru the video.

YouTube Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Keys Description
Left / Right arrow Jump back / ahead 10% in the current video
Up / Down arrow Turn Volume Up /Down
Home / End Seek to the beginning / last seconds of the video
Spacebar/Left mouse Button Play / Pause
Numbers 1 to 9 (no numpad) Seek to the 10% to 90% of the video
Number 0 Seek to the beginning of the video
Left and then Up arrow Starts snake game (when the player is paused)
Esc Exits Full Screen
Double Mouse Click Enters/Exits Full Screen
Tab key Access various functions on the seekbar (current one is highlighted in yellow)
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YouTube Shortcut Keys Download PDF

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