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zbrush shortcut keys pdf

ZBrush Shortcut Keys Download PDF

ZBrush Shortcut Keys

zbrush shortcut keys pdf

ZBrush is a virtual sculpting device that mixes 3-D/2.5D modeling, texturing and painting. It uses a proprietary “pixol” era (see below) which stores lights, coloration, material, and depth statistics for all items at the display. the principle distinction among ZBrush and greater traditional modeling packages is that it’s miles extra corresponding to sculpting.

General Shortcuts in ZBrush Shortcuts

Open Project – Ctrl+O
Save Project – Ctrl+S
Undo – Ctrl+Z
Redo – Shift+Ctrl+Z
Popup selection (on PC only)
Tools – F1
Brushes – F2
Strokes – F3
Alphas – F4
Textures – F5
Materials – F6 (with cursor off canvas area)
Show QuickMenu – Spacebar or Right Mouse click
Show/hide floating palettes – TAB
Show item description (when Popup Info is switched on) – Ctrl+cursor over item
Show alternative item description – Ctrl+Alt+cursor over item
Assign custom hotkey – Ctrl+Alt+click on item (store hotkeys in Preferences> Hotkeys submenu)
Projection Master – G

Lightbox and Spotlight in ZBrush Shortcuts

Show/hide Lightbox – , [comma key]
load selected item – Double-click on Lightbox thumbnail (texture/alphas will be loaded into Spotlight if it is active)
Turn on/off Spotlight – Shift+Z
Show/hide Spotlight Dial – Z

Edit mode Navigation in ZBrush Shortcuts

Free Rotate – Click & drag Background

Move – Alt+Click & drag Background

Constrain to 90-degree rotation – Click+drag, press Shift

Scale – Alt+Click, Release Alt, drag Background

Rotate around Z-axis – Shift, Click, release Shift, drag

Transpose in Zbrush Shortcuts

  • with a 3D mesh in Edit mode, click W, E, R and draw the orange action line
  • click on the mesh to reposition the action line aligned to the surface normal
  • to align to an axis, click the end of the red, green or blue axis line
To move action line while drawing – hold Spacebar
To move action line after drawing – click+drag orange line or center orange ring
To change action line end point position – click+drag orange end ring

Sculpting and Painting in ZBrush Shortcuts

Draw Size – S
Focal Shift – O
RGB Intensity – I
Z Intensity – U
Increase Draw Size by set units – ]
Decrease Draw Size by set units – [
(set increment in the Zplugin>Misc Utilities>Brush Increment slider)
Edit mode on/off – T
Draw – Q
Move – W
Scale – E
Rotate – R
Toggle ZAdd and ZSub – Alt (hold down)
Show Brush pop-up – B
Standard Brush – B – S – T
Smooth Stronger – B – S – S
Move Elastic – B – M – E
MPolish – B – M – P
ClipCurve – B – C – C
ClayLine – B – C – L
Select Color under cursor – C
Switch Color – V

Lazy mouse – L

Replay Last Stroke – 1

Record Stroke – 3

Replay All Recorded Strokes – 2

3D Models

Save Tool – Shift+Ctrl+T
Fit Mesh to view – F
Perspective – P
Floor Grid – Shift+P
Activate Symmetry – X
Show/hide Polyframe & polygroups – Shift+F
Point Selection Mode – Shift+Ctrl+P
Set Pivot Point – Ctrl+ P
Clear Pivot Point – Shift+P
Snapshot a version to canvas – Shift+S

List all SubTools – N

Alt+click on SubTool – select that SubTool

Shift+Alt+click on selected SubTool – frame that SubTool (Note this option can be set in the Preferences > Edit > Enable Auto Center slider; 0 = off; 1 = Alt+click; 2 = Shift+Alt+click)

Click on paintbrush icon – toggle Polypaint Colorize

Shift+click on paintbrush icon – toggle Polypaint Colorize for all SubTools

ZBrush Shortcut Keys PDF

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ZBrush Shortcut Keys Download PDF

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