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zbrush shortcut keys

ZBrush Shortcut Keys

ZBrush is a virtual sculpting device that mixes 3-D/2.5D modeling, texturing and painting. It uses a proprietary “pixol” era (see below) which stores lights, coloration, material, and depth statistics for all items at the display. the principle distinction among ZBrush and greater traditional modeling packages is that it’s miles extra corresponding to sculpting.

Ctrl+O– Open Project
Ctrl+S – Save Project
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+Shift+Z– Redo
F1– Tools
F2 – Brushes
F3 – Strokes
F4 – Alphas
F5 – Textures
F6 – Materials
Spacebar/Right Click– Show QuickMenu
Tab – show/Hide Floating Palettes
Ctrl+Cursor over item – Show Item Description
Ctrl+Alt+Cursor over item– Show Alternative Item Description
Ctrl+Alt+Click on Item– Assign Custom Hotkey
G – Projection Master
, – Show/Hide Lightbox
Double Click on Lightbox Thumbnail– Load Selected Item
Z – Show/Hide Spotlight Dial
Shift+Z – Turn On/Off Spotlight
Click and Drag Bkground– Free Rotate
Alt+Click and Drag Bkground – Move
Click+DragPressShift– Constrain to 90 Degree Rotation
minusRight–  Click Navigation
Alt+Right–  Drag and Drag- Move
Ctrl+Right Click and Drag – Scale
Right Click and Drag – Rotate
Hold Spacebar– To Move Action Line While Drawing
Click+Drag Orange line – To Move Action Line After Drawing
Click+Drag Orange End Ring – To Change Action Line End Point Position
Alt+Click+Drag – Move/Scale
Click+Drag Other End Point – Rotate Around End Point
Click+Drag center– Rotate Around Action Line
Alt+Click+Drag End Point – Joint Bend
Click+Drag end Point in Line Direction – Scale
Click+Drag center point– Scale Along Axis
minusMove – Mode
Click+Drag Center– Move
Ctrl+Click+Drag Center – Duplicate Mesh
Alt+Click+Drag Center/End Point – Bend Mesh
Drag End Point furthest from Mesh– Stretch Mesh
Drag End Point Next to Mesh Flatten–  Mesh
Right Click+Drag end–  Ring furthest from Mesh Inflate
Hold CtrlandClick+Drag center point– Create Edgelopp and Extrude
S– Draw Size
O– Focal Shift
I– RGB Intensity
U– Z Intensity
]– Increase Draw Size by Set Units
[ – Drcrease Draw Size by Set Units
T– Edit Mode On/Off
Q – Draw
W – Move
E– Scale
R – Rotate
Alt+Hold – Down Arrow Toggle Zadd and Zsub
B – Show Brush PopUp
BandSandT – Standard Brush
BandSandS – Smooth Stronger
BandMandE – Move Elastic
BandMandP – Mpolish
BandCandC – ClipCurve
BandCandL – ClayLine
M – Show All Meshes in Brush
5– Snapchat Curve
6– Smooth Curve
Alt+Draw Across Curve – Delete a Curve
L – Lazy Mouse
1 – Replay Last Stroke
2– Replay All Recorded Strokes
3 – Record Stroke
V – Switch Color
C – Select Color Under Cursor
P – Perspective
Shift+P– Floor Grid
F – Fit Mesh to View
Ctrl+Shift+T– Save tool
X – Activate Symmetry
Ctrl+P – Set Pivot Point
Shift+P – Clear Pivot Point
Shift+S – Snapchat a version to canvas
Shift+F – Show/hide Polyframe and Polygroups
N – List All Subtools
Ctrl+H – Show/hide Stencil
Alt+H – Stencil On
Spacebar– Coin Controller
minusPartial–  Mesh Visibility and Clip Brushes
Ctrl+Shift+X– Grow Mesh Portion
Ctrl+Shift+S– Shrink Mesh Portion
Ctrl+Shift+A– Grow All Mesh Portion
Ctrl+Shift+O – Outer Ring Visibility
Ctrl+W – Group Masked and Clear Mask
Ctrl+H – View Mask
Ctrl+I – invert Mask
Ctrl+A – Mask All
Ctrl+Click Bkground Reverse – Mask
Ctrl+Click+Drag Bkground – Clear Mask
Ctrl+Alt Hold – Delete/Paint Reverse Mask
Ctrl+ClickandDrag – Alpha intensity mask
Ctrl+Click on Mesh – Blur Mask
Ctrl+Alt+Click on Mesh – Sharpen Mesh
minusHD Geometry
A(Cursor over Mesh) – Toggle In/Out of HD Sculpting Mode
A(Cursor over Bkground) – Render All HD Geometry
Ctrl+D – Divide
Shift+D – Lower Res
D – Higher Res
Ctrl+E– Edge Loop
A – Preview Adaptive Skin
minusRotate Mode
Drag Zsphere– Spin Chain
Drag LinkSphere– Rotate Chain
Alt+Drag LinkSphere – Control Twist
minusScale Mode
Drag Zsphere– Scale Zsphere
Drag LinkSphere – Scale Chain
Alt+Drag LinkSphere – Inflate/Deflate Chain
minusMove Mode
Drag Zsphere– Move Zsphere
Drag LinkSphere Pose
Alt+Drag LinkSphere – Move Chain
minusDraw Mode
Drag Zsphere– Add a Child Zsphere
Alt+Click Zsphere– Delete Zsphere
Alt+Click LinkSphere– Sphere Define Magnet/Break Mesh
A – Preview Unified Skin
Shift+A– Activate Zsketch Edit Mode
Ctrl+Shift+F– Crop and Fill
Ctrl+Shift+G– Grab Texture from Document
minusCanvas Zoom
+/- – Zoom in/Zoom out
0 – Actual Size
Ctrl+0 – Antiliased Half Size
Ctrl+M– Remove Marker
minusDocument Layers
Ctrl+N– Clear Layer
Ctrl+Bv– Bake Layer
Ctrl+F – Fill Layer
Click on Timeline – Place a new KeyFrame
Left Arrow– Go to Previous Camera KeyFrame
Right Arrow – Go to Next Camera Keyframe
Esc– Stop Timeline Playing
Ctrl+Shift+!– Snapshot to Movie
Ctrl+R – Cursor Selective Render
Shift+R – Best Preview Render
Ctrl+Shift+R– Render All
Ctrl+L– Load UI Config File
Ctrl+Shift+I– Store Config File
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+I– Save UI Config File
H – Show/hide Zscript Window
Ctrl+Shift+L – Load Zscript
Ctrl+U – Reload Zscript

ZBrush Shortcut Keys PDF

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