Zerodha Trader Shortcut Keys Download PDF

zerohda trader shortcut keys

Zerodha Trader Shortcut Keys

ZT is what we call the downloadable software program model of our trading platform. The software program is advanced through Omnesys technology below their proprietary name “NEST.” NEST is the preferred preference of some of the biggest retail brokerage corporations in India. Omnesys technologies is headed via Mr. Shrikant Pandit and NSE (national inventory alternate) is a key stakeholder. Omnesys has additionally developed the NSE proprietary buying and selling platform called “NOW.” NEST may be very popular a few of the institutional trading network in India.

F1 – Buy Order
F2 – Sell Order
Ctrl+F1 – After Market Buy Market
Ctrl+F2– After Market Sell Order
Shift+F1– Cover Buy Order
Shift+F2– Cover Sell Order
Ctrl+B – Basket Orders
Alt+Shift+O– After Market Basket Orders
F3– Order Book
F8 – Trade Book
F11 – Admin Positions
Ctrl+Shift+V – View Cash Limits
Ctrl+1 – Cash Credit
Alt+F9– View Holdings(Stocks)
F4– Market Watch
Ctrl+L– Message Bar
Ctrl+I– View Indices Box
Ctrl+G– Group Settings
Ctrl+Shift+Tab– Change between Marketwatch
Ctrl+P– Preferences Settings to Change Fonts,Prefix Order Size,Reconcile and etc.
F9 – Log In
F10– Log Out
Shift+D – Data Table
Ctrl+W – Lock Application
Alt+F2 – NEST Dignostics
Shift+P– NEST Plus Charting
Ctrl+Shift+M– NEST Messaging
Ctrl+Shift+P– NEST Auto Plugins like SPAN Calculator
Alt+Shift+1 – View SSL Authenication Certificate
Ctrl+Shift+F9– Change Password
Shift+O – Option Calculator
Shift+2 – Ord/Trd. Message Bar

Zerodha Trader Shortcut Keys PDF

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