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zimbra collaboration suit shortcut keys

Zimbra Collaboration Suite Shortcut Keys

Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is a collaborative software suite, that includes an e-mail server and web consumer.

Zimbra was initially advanced by LiquidSys, which changed their call to Zimbra, Inc. on 26 July 2005. The Zimbra Collaboration Suite changed into first released in 2005. The employer become sooner or later purchased by means of Yahoo! on September 17, 2007,and later offered to VMware on January 12, 2010. In July 2013, it changed into sold by means of VMware to Telligent structures which modified its call to Zimbra, Inc. in September 2013. It was then received by means of Synacor Inc on 18 August 2015.

GM– Go to Mail
GA – Go to Adress book(Contacts)
C – Go to Calender
O – Go to Options
GN – Go to Notebook(Documents)
N – Create a New Item
NM – New Message
C – New Message in a new Window
NC – New Contact
NA– New Appointment
NL – New Calender
NP – New Notebook Page
NW– New Notebook(Wiki)
NF– New Folder
NT– New Tag
Right Arrow– Next Page of Items
Left Arrow – Previous Page of Items
PA – Print All Items
Bkspace – Delete Selected Items
Esc – Close the Current View
` – Show Zimbra Assistant
U – Remove All Tags from Selected Items
Ytag – Show items with specified tag (set the tag in the “Tag Shortcuts” tab)
Ttag – Tag items with specified tag (set the tag in the “Tag Shortcuts” tab)
Stag – Show Result of Specified Search(set the search in the “search Shortcuts” tab)
I/VI – Go to Inbox and Get Mail
VD– Go to Drafts Folder
VS – Go to Sent folder
VT – Go to Trash Folder
O – Open Message
MR – Mark Message As Read
MU – Mark Message As Unread
MF – Flag/Unflag Message
J – Mark as Spam and Move to Junk Folder
.T/>T – Move Messages to Trash
I/>I– Move Messages to Inbox
R – Reply to Sender
A – Replay to All Receipents
F – Forward Messages
[ – Select Next Unread Message
] – Select Previous Unread Messages
VC} – Display Mail as a list of conversations
VM – Display Mail as a list of messages
MP – Show/Hide the Message Reading Pane
X – Display the Beginning of the Selected Message
Ctrl+S/Ctrl+Enter – Send Message
Ctrl+D – Save As Draft
Esc – Cancel Message
Ctrl+A – Add an attachment to Message
Ctrl+G – Choose Recipients from Address book
Ctrl+B – Switch between HTML and Text Format for the body
Ctrl+X – Check Spelling
Shift+Left Arrow – Show Previous Conversation
Shift+Right Arrow – Show Next Conversation
E – Edit Selected Contact
Ctrl+S – Save Contact
Esc – Cancel Editing Contact
E – Edit Appointment
Q – Create a Quick Appointment
R – Refresh Calender
T – Show Today
D/1– Show Single Day View
/7– Show Week View
WW/5– Show WorkWeek View
M/3 – Show Month View
S/0– Show Scheduling view
Esc – Close ReadOnly Appointment View
Ctrl+S – Save Appointment
Esc – Cancel Editing Appointment
Ctrl+A– Switch between Timed and All Day Appointment
trl+H– Switch between HTML and Text Formats
trl+J– Show Next Tab
Ctrl+K– Show Previous Tab
Enter – Press Button
Down Arrow – Display PopUp Menu for Button
Down Arrow– Move to Next Item
Up Arrow– Move to Previous Item
Enter– Select current item
Esc – Dismiss Menu
Right Arrow– Show Submenu of Current Item
Left Arrow– Hid Submenu
J – Select Next Item
K – Select Previous Item
Ctrl+A – Select All Visible Item
Home – Select First Item
End – Select Last Item
Ctrl+`– Select/Unselect Focused Item
Enter – Double Click Selected Item
Ctrl+M – Show Menu to Act on the Selected Items
Shift+Down Arrow– Add Next Item to Selection
Shift+Up Arrow– Add Previous Item to selection
Ctrl+Down Arrow – Focus on next item without selecting
Ctrl+Up Arrow – Focus on Previous item without selecting
Enter/Spacebar– Save Changes to Dialog
Esc– Cancel Changes to Dialog
Right Arrow– Focus on Next Button
Left Arrow– Focus on Previous Arrow
Down Arrow– Focus on Next Button
Up Arrow– Focus on Previous Button

Zimbra Collaboration Suite Shortcut Keys PDF

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