Zoho Desk Shortcut Keys Download PDF

zoho-desk shortcut keys

Zoho Desk Shortcut Keys

Zoho table is internet-based totally help desk software that gives you the capability to manipulate your customer support sports efficaciously. Zoho table permits you to assign, music and set up alerts on help desk tickets effortlessly. you may personalize Zoho table to your business and make certain delight in your customer support revel in.

Shift+? – Keyboard Shortcuts
Shift++ – Quick Add
/– Search
S– Settings
N– Notifications
U– User Information
Z+M – Modulo Launcher
Z+T – Tickets
Z+C– Contacts
Z+A – Accounts
Z+K– Articles
Z+P– Tasks
Z+F – Community
Z+S – Social
Z+L– Chat
Z+R– Reports
Z+D – Dashboards
T++– Add Ticket
C++– Add Contact
A++ – Add Account
K++ – Add Article
P++– Add Task
F++– Add Community
R++ – Add Report
D++ – Add Dashboard

Zoho Desk Shortcut Keys PDF

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