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zoho project

Zoho Project Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Zoho Project Shortcut Keys

Zoho project facilitates music and get rid of insects, so that the person can fast take a look at the gadget, and get problems constant. In maximum cases, this is a bulky venture, but Zoho projects makes it clean via letting users outline their very own custom workflows and commercial enterprise rules, and track all code modifications made in Bitbucket and GitHub.

Z+H – Go to Home
Z+P– Go to Projects
Z+T– Go to Tasks
Z+M– Go to Milestones
Z+B– Go to Bugs
Z+I – Go to Timesheet
Z+S – Go to Settings
Z+U – Go to Users
Z+D – Go to Calender
Z+A – Go to Documents
Z+F – Go to Forums
Alt+C– Close/Cancel Divison
P– Add Projects
T– Add Tasks
L– Add Task Lists
M– Add Milestone
B– File a Bug
D– Add Document File
F– Add Forum
Up Arrow/Down Arrow – To Navigate Task in Task Details
Left Arrow/Right Arrow – To Navigate Task Lists and Milestones
Shift+Z+P – To Print Current Page

Zoho Project Shortcuts PDF

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Zoho Project Shortcut Keys Download PDF

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