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zoho sheet shortcut keys

Zoho Sheet Shortcut Keys

Zoho Sheet is an application that may be used to create, edit and percentage spreadsheets on line. Zoho Sheet offers you the advantage of collaborating easily with your colleagues on line, thereby dashing up and enhancing the performance of the process carried out. This consumer manual lets you familiarize with numerous functions of Zoho Sheet and assist you work extra efficiently.

Ctrl+N– ( not supported in chrome and safari ) New File
Ctrl+O – Open file
Ctrl+Shift+S– Save As File
Ctrl+P– Print File
Ctrl+Z – Undo last action
Ctrl+Y – Redo last action
F4 (or) Ctrl+Y (or) Alt+Enter– Repeat last action
Ctrl+Shift+ L– Filter
Ctrl+R– Fill to The Right
Ctrl+D – Fill Down
Shift+F2– Add / Edit cell note
Ctrl+K – Add / Edit Hyperlink
Alt +F11– Open VBA Editor
Alt+F8– Run Macros / View Macros List
Shift+F11 – Insert a new worksheet
Ctrl+Shift+Plus – Insert Columns
Ctrl+Alt+Plus – Insert Rows
Ctrl+X– Cut
Ctrl+C– Copy
Ctrl+V – Paste
Ctrl+Shift+ 1 – Format Cells
Ctrl+F or F3– Find within spreadsheet
Ctrl+H – Replace
Ctrl+F3– Names Ranges
Ctrl+Shift+Q– Toggle Auto Completion On / Off
Alt+Arrow Down – Display the auto suggest list (Pick from List)
Ctrl+Shift+ ;– Insert the current time in cell
Ctrl+;– Insert the current date in cell
Ctrl+Enter– Insert Line Break in Cell
Backspace– Delete one character to left while typing in a cell
Delete – Delete one character to right/left while typing in a cell
Ctrl+Shift+F– Focus Formula Field
Esc – key Cancel cell entry
F2 – Edit active cell
Ctrl+B (or) Ctrl+Shift+2 – Bold toggle for selection
Ctrl+I (or) Ctrl+Shift+ 3– Italic toggle for selection
Ctrl+Shift+5 – Strikethrough toggle for selection
Ctrl+U (or) Ctrl+Shift+4 – Underline toggle for selection
Ctrl+Arrow Down– Data Region Down
Ctrl+Arrow Up– Data Region Up
Ctrl+Shift+N– Focus Name Box
Alt+Arrow Right – Move to next worksheet in a spreadsheet
Alt +Arrow Left – Move to previous worksheet in a spreadsheet
Ctrl+ G – Go to cell command
Ctrl+End– Go to last cell in data region
Ctrl+Home– Go to first cell in data region
Page Down– Down one screen
Page Up – Up one screen
ab – Move to next cell in row
Shift+Tab– Move to previous cell in row
Ctrl+Arrow Left/ Ctrl+Arrow Right– Select Data Region to the Left / to the Right
Tab – Navigate to the next object
Shift+Tab– Navigate to the previous object
F2 – Edit mode
Esc – eturn the focus to the active cell
Esc – Cancel dragging the object
Ctrl +Click – Select/Focus the object
Arrow Keys – Move the selected object in the desired direction
Ctrl+Arrow Keys – Snap the the object’s left/top with the adjacent cell
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Keys– Snap the the object’s right/bottom with the adjacent cell
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Left/Ctrl+Shift+ Arrow Right– Select Data Region to the Left/ to the Right
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up/Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down – Select Data Region Up/down
Ctrl+Shift+Home– Select from current cell to the first cell A1
Ctrl+Shift+End– Select from current cell to the last cell in the data region
Shift+Home– Select from current cell to the first cell in the same row
Shift+End – Select from current cell to the last cell in the same row
Ctrl +A – Select whole spreadsheet
Ctrl+Space– Select column
Shift+Space – Select row
Ctrl+Shift+U – Toggle Expand and Collapse of Formula Bar
Ctrl+Shift+Enter– Insert Array Formula on a range of cells
Ctrl+/ – Select the range of array formula cells surrounding a cell
=– Start a formula
F9 – Recalculate Formulas
F4 – Toggle absolute and relative references
Alt+ = – Auto Sum
Shift+F3– Show Function Dialog Box

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